Atsuya Kusakabe ( (くさ) () () (あつ) () Kusakabe Atsuya?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a grade 1 sorcerer, and a teacher at Jujutsu High.


Atsuya has black wild hair and thin long eyebrows.

Atsuya wears a light colored, long-sleeved jacket over a button-down shirt and a dark-colored tie, black pants, and black shoes.


Kusakabe appears to be a fearful individual and focused on his own self preservation as top priority. He is also willing to be deceitful to save his own skin as shown during the Shibuya Incident where he lied repeatedly to Panda so as to keep him around for safety, while directing him away from B5F where Gojo was sealed as to avoid clashing with special grade curses.



Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Atsuya is with Panda at Jr Shibuya Station Shin Minami Entrance while Gojo heads into the screen. Atsuya talks with Panda about their role on this mission, and how they have to keep all damage down to a minimum level. When Panda voices his concern about the citizens, Atsuya tells him that he took a peek inside and that all the people were fine. Atsuya also says that he won't head back in since he had sensed that there are a bunch of special grade curses inside of the curtain.

Later, when the civilians are being attacked by mutated humans, Atsuya and Panda head into the screen to protect the people. After entering the screen, Atsuya along with the others hear Yuji shout that Gojo has been sealed. Atsuya and Panda continue to search for humans in danger, even when Toge has it handled. When Panda says that they should go help Gojo, Atsuya convinces Panda that they should continue searching for people in danger since they are just as important. Atsuya then thinks about how he is running out of excuses and that they will have to enter the station soon. Atsuya then plans to pretend to be lost in the station so that he won't have to enter the basement, since he doesn't want to be killed. When Atsuya and Panda are confronted by two of Geto's comrades, who asks them to leave, Atsuya says that he can't just leave and wants to hear their story. After the two explain themselves, Atsuya decides to fight the two and take his time to avoid fighting any special grade cursed spirits. As Atsuya prepares to fight, he is shocked when he notices Sukuna's fight with Jogo.

Atsuya and Panda start to escape but are confronted by two enemies. Atsuya takes out the enemies, and starts to warn the others when Sukuna shows up. Sukuna threatens them to not move until he says so, which Atsuya escapes when Sukuna tells them to go. Atsuya later is found by Panda who's under a pile of rubble. Atsuya talks to Panda about how he thinks Yuji deserves the death penalty no matter what happens to Gojo.

Atsuya later arrives just in time to save Kasumi Miwa from Pseudo-Geto from using Maximum Uzumaki and killing her. When Choso arrives on the battlefield and confronts Pseudo-Geto about being his father, this which leaves Momo confused as to what Choso meant. Utahime then explains to Momo about how Noritoshi Kamo was the blot of the Kamo family and also was known as the most evilest sorcerer in history. Something Atsuya agrees with considering how his cursed technique allows for one to enter other's bodies, along with ridiculously powerful cursed tools and barrier techniques.

Uraume later uses Frost Calm and Atsuya is rendered frozen and unable to move. When Uraume suddenly collapses and their Frost Calm dispels, Atsuya is freed who thinks to himself about how he wants to go home.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

Not much is known about his physical power, however, it has been said Itadori is at a similar stage to where he was at Itadori's age, which we can assume has meant he has grown in power and Yuji is in the process of becoming a first rank right now.


Sorcerer Techniques: These techniques are ones that any sorcerer is capable of using.

  • New Shadow Style - Evening Moon Sword Drawing (シン・ (かげ) (りゅう) () (あい) 夕月 (ゆうづき) Shin Kage-ryū Iai Yūzuki?):[1] Atsuya crouches down with his knees pointing outwards and holds his sheath sword in front of himself. The technique was not fully performed, so it is currently unknown what the attack is capable of.
  • New Shadow Style - Batto Sword Drawing: With his sword sheathed by his waist, Atsuya draws his sword to slash one or more enemies. The attack ends with him holding his sword above his head.


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