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Arata Nitta (新田 (にった) (あらた) Nitta Arata?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a first-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High and the younger brother of Akari Nitta.


Arata is a young man of average height with light-colored, straight hair that reaches his chin. His school uniform resembles an English butler's attire. It consists of black trousers, a tailcoat, a gray vest, and white gloves.


Arata is a kind and timid young man that very much contrasts to Aoi Todo's alpha persona. He appears to be nervous in dangerous situations, but brave and proactive nonetheless.

In Shibuya, Arata treated Nobara despite her gruesome and near hopeless state after Mahit transfigured her. Arata knew Nobara probably wouldn't survive, but reassured Yuji that there was still a chance that she might. He had jsut seen Yuji break down into tears and hoped to restore some of his resolve so his fellow jujutsu sorcerer could keep on fighting.


Shibuya Incident Arc

Shortly after the fight between Sukuna and Jogo, Arata was with Aoi in Shibuya, where they saw many people motionless. Aoi noticed that the Prison Realm was taken and they go on search for it and for Yuji Itadori.[2]

Arata arrives shortly behind Aoi Todo after he has finished treating Nobara Kugisaki, Todo asks for Arata to heal his brother Yuji.[3] Yuji reveals that Sukuna has killed many people including that Kento Nanami is dead as well, shocking Arata. Arata is left confused as Mahito closes the distance and tries to attack the trio but Todo is able to kick him away. While Todo goes to fight Mahito, Arata uses his cursed technique to heal Yuji and tells Yuji that his existing injuries won't get any worse and has stopped the bleeding. He also adds that new injuries will still incur damage while thinking to himself about how Yuji and Aoi don't look nothing alike. Arata tells Yuji that he's healed Nobara and will be taking her and retreating.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Arata Nitta is a first-year student and a non-combatant type of jujutsu sorcerer. He doesn't have much experience in battle but his technique makes him extremely useful on missions despite his lack of combat ability. Arata has knowledge of basic first aid and any type of healing techniques are rare among jujutsu sorcerers, making him a valuable asset. While Mechamaru made it so most of the Kyoto students would stay away from Shibuya for their own safety, he was confident that Aratta would be helpful during the incident.


Innate Technique
Arata using his technique on Yuji.png This technique allows Arata to stop existing injuries from getting any worse. Arata can't heal wounds but he can stop bleeding and reduce the pain for anyone he applies it to. However, any injuries sustained after the technique's application are unaffected.[5]



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